The most useful tech tips you’ll use again and again

by Johnson Daniel

1. Unsend an email

If you mistakenly sent an email to all of your contacts with a bet app name written in it that was supposed to be sent to one individual, you can remove it using the help of Google’s built-in feature. You can also modify the subject line, add missing attachments, and change the recipients’ names. Setting the option to send messages for a higher number of seconds is helpful to manage to hit the “unsend” button as well as it is important to note that a five-second duration isn’t enough time to realize that an error has been made. Fortunately, users can pause an email delivery in Gmail by extending its duration by thirty seconds.

2. Share a YouTube video at a precise point

You can share a YouTube video with others directly from the source video or link it to your desired location. You
can also show the time it has been stopped by going to the Share button. You can also choose a different time to share the video. After you paste and copy the link, it will automatically go to the point you want it to go to. In addition, you are enabled to share it on social media or email it to a friend.

3. Use your voice in Google Docs

You’re probably already used to using your phone’s speech-to-text capabilities to dictate text messages and
emails. Now, you can do the same thing with Google Docs. It is s free and works surprisingly well. To use Voice Typing in Google Docs, open a new document and enable it from the Tools menu. It will start
dictating automatically. You can also command it with words such as “period,” “new paragraph” and “comma.”

4. Share a Nest cam video feed

Many people are unaware that the Nest Cam can be accessed by others. When sharing a video, avoid using a
public link. Doing so will allow anyone with a link to view the stream without entering a password.
A password-protected link is also included with the Nest Cam to prevent unauthorized access which will prevent
other people from watching the stream.

5. Turn your phone into a security cam

A simple security camera that you can easily turn on and off with a couple of clicks can be installed on your home
or business without a security system. This tool is called a Critter and applies a device’s camera to record any
movement. Images from the captured motion can then be stored on your device.

6. Use your pencil eraser for something useful

If you have an Apple device, you might have multiple charging cables that are dirty. To make these look new,
use a pencil eraser to clean them. It might take patience to get it done, but it should remove the marks and scratches in no time.

7. Give your webcam a new purpose

Besides being used for video conferencing, your webcam can also be used as a scanner. Although it's
helpful when you need to take a picture of a document, you might not want to go through the laborious process of formatting and forwarding it to yourself. With the help of the Photo Booth app for Mac, you can take a photo of the document and then drag it to your desktop.

8. Free transcripts of your meetings

One of the most common reasons people use video conferencing is to take notes. With the help of AI,
Otter.AI can transcribe audio and documents in real time. A free account with the service allows users to
enjoy a monthly subscription that provides them with 600 minutes of transcription.

9. Double your internet speed

When your connection slows down, you must start to think about how your network works. One of
the factors that influence your connection is your IP address. Changing the Domain Name System assists in
boosting your internet speed.

10. How to archive pictures in Google Photos

Google Photos has an archive feature that allows users to organize their photos in a more organized manner. With
this feature, users can take a few pictures from the feed and move them to a different section. Unfortunately, this
functionality does not allow the archived images to be shown in the feed’s image section. If a document or photo that doesn’t look like it should be in the Photos view doesn’t meet your expectations, you can try to move it to the archive with a suggestion card.

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