TikTok creators might soon put some videos behind a paywall

by Johnson Daniel

TikTok is reportedly working on a new feature to help its creators earn more money. The video-sharing platform may soon allow creators to put some of their videos behind a paywall, essentially opening up a new revenue stream.

According to sources close to the situation, the social media behemoth is currently working on a new paywall feature that will allow creators to charge a minimum of one US dollar or a price of their choosing to access specific videos. Only those who pay a small fee will be able to view these videos. However, it is unknown how the new system will operate and how profits will be distributed.

Influencers would also be able to earn more money from some of their most popular videos as a result of this. Following growing criticism about its low payouts, the popular short video-sharing platform is also planning to revamp its Creator Fund. According to sources, it will now prioritize more popular creators with follower counts of 100,000 or more, rather than 10,000.

According to the company, this will allow them to pay the creators more. The fund could also be used to compensate those who create longer videos.

Although the company has yet to officially confirm this change, it has stated in a statement that it is committed to providing new ways to make its service “valuable and rewarding” for creators. So, for the time being, take this report with a grain of salt and stay tuned for more updates.

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