UWork Review – Legit, Scam and how it works

by Johnson Daniel

UWork is an advertising company that pays its registered users for completing little tasks on their platform. There are similar platforms that work in a similar fashion as this company, so understanding the whole idea behind this platform shouldn’t be that difficult for you.

It’s clear that you’re here to find out information about this platform and without wasting much of your time, let’s quickly dive why we’re here.

How do you make money on UWork?

A member of UWork has to share sponsored posts released by the platform on his or her Facebook timeline daily to earn. The amount you get to earn depends on the package you’re subscribed to. We would talk about the packages later in this article.photo5766955736730024484

There are two basic ways to make money from this platform, they are:

  1. Task Earning; and
  2. Team Commission.

The first method is self-explanatory as you get to a percentage of the amount subscribed to for completing the task given to you on the platform while the second method is by getting referral commissions.

You get to earn $1.2 for every individual you refer to the platform and upgrade to any membership plan. You will also earn $0.25 per task your direct referral completes and $0.125 per task your indirect referral completes.

What are the packages on UWork?

  1. VIP0 – Free Earnings Activity: You can earn on UWork without having to invest a dime. Once you complete your registration and start with this plan, you will get $0.3 registration bonus and earn $0.125 for each task you complete. You can complete 2 tasks daily.
  2. VIP1 – Silver: This plan is the cheapest premium plan that costs N7,200 to upgrade to. You will earn $0.125 for each task you complete and can complete 2 tasks daily.
  3. VIP 2 – Gold: It costs N72,120 to upgrade to this plan and you get to earn $3 for each task you complete with the option to complete two tasks daily.
  4.  VIP3 – Diamond: This is the most expensive plan on the platform, you need to pay about N144,000 to upgrade to this plan. You get to earn $5.5 for each task you complete and you’re entitled to complete two tasks daily.

Pros of UWork

  • Anyone can earn from this platform without subscribing to a package.
  • They have an active customer care support system.
  • They have a low minimum payment threshold.
  • They attend to all withdrawal requests within 48 hours.

Cons of UWork

  • Poor website design.
  • The terms of the platform were modified twice in the first week of its launch, it goes to show that there’s something fishy going on.
  • They claimed to be in partnership with Jumia but it’s false.
  • There’s no information about the owner and no physical office available.

How to join UWork

Having known all of this, it’s up to you to either join or back-off from this platform. If you would love to give UWork a trial, you can create an account by going to UWork.ng, register for an account by providing your details, enter the verification code gotten via either mail or phone number, your registration would be completed.

You can check if the platform is worth it by using the free trial. If you’re satisfied with what you’ve gotten, you can go for any VIP plan.

How to withdraw from UWorkphoto5766955736730024485

The minimum withdrawal amount for VIP accounts is $10 and one time $0.3 for a free membership. Getting this should be easy regardless of the package you’re in. Now, you can withdraw from UWork by:

  • Clicking Me at the bottom navigation area;
  • Tap Wallet and update your bank details.
  • Go to the main dashboard, select withdrawal, fill the form and submit. Like we said earlier, your withdrawal request would be attended to within 48 hours.

No matter how reputable a platform is, there’s still the tendency of it shutting down anytime. For this reason, I’ll advise you to spend what you can afford to lose, i.e. if you’re planning on giving it a trial. If you have any questions about this platform, feel free to drop a comment below.

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Favour January 27, 2021 - 4:46 pm

Uwork is a scam, there are trying to crash now


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