Viglink review: Make money with non-monetized links

by Johnson Daniel

There are thousands of in-text advertising networks for blogs out there, not all of them are really suitable for bloggers because of their small payout, while some are not suitable for small bloggers. As a blogger, you might still be looking for more ways to make money with your blog asides Google AdSense, well, have you heard of affiliate marketing?

If you have most of these top bloggers stories of how they became successful and how much they currently earn right now, you will find out that what gives them most of their money is affiliate marketing.

How does affiliate marketing work? In affiliate marketing, we recommend products to our readers, and if they decide to buy the product using the unique affiliate URL we provide, then we get a referral income from the purchase. Truth to be told, you will earn more money from affiliate referrals than Google AdSense clicks.

I heard of an in-text advertising network called VigLink, so I decided to try it out on this blog.  After using it on this blog for a month, I gave up because I saw no result with using it, so I forgot about the ad network. Surprisingly, I visited my dashboard last week and I saw that I had made $0.10 without making any sales and I was very much surprised, I still am, I won’t lie to you.


As you can see from the image above, I made that $0.10 on the 27th of May, 2019 and I didn’t know about it until just last week in the month of June, 2019.  I know that you must be saying that it will be really difficult making money from your blog using VigLink, I don’t agree.

As a publisher, your audience relies on your content to make valuable purchase decisions. Whether you’re a blogger, editorial site or social influencer, our range of products and reporting work in tandem to capture revenue while delivering powerful insights about your content.

Let’s assume that I paid attention to Viglink rather than Google AdSense, I would have been making more money from blogging, but I turned a blind eye towards affiliate marketing. Well, if I could share one secret that could help you to earn affiliate income from a site in any niche, it would be the following:

VigLink – Powering content-driven commerce

VigLink is arguably one of the best ways to monetize your blog and it has been proven to be a very good Google AdSense alternative. VigLink has a technology that works in the background to convert ordinary product links into monetized links, earning you revenue from a resulting click or sale. The best part is that you don’t need to be signed up for an individual affiliate account on all networks. Viglink tracking takes care of all of them!

VigLink banner


Let’s take this example, if you have a tech blog like we do and you write about phone reviews or apps or anything that will make your readers use a link to go to that product, VigLink will automatically convert those outbound links into affiliate links. When you would typically make no money for such links, with Viglink you will be earning money whenever somebody buys something from there.

Payments are made through PayPal and you must have at least $10 in your VigLink account before they send you your money. If your earnings do not exceed these thresholds, unpaid earnings will roll into subsequent month’s earnings until they exceed the payment thresholds. Payments are made on time!

With regard to revenue split, VigLink keeps 25% of the commission, and 75% goes into our pockets, which is not bad considering the fact that we are making money from links which were previously non-monetized.

VigLink banner


How to make money from your blog using VigLink

To get started, make sure that you go to Click “Sign Up” on the upper navigation bar on The permanent sign-up URL is:

  1. Enter the email address that you want to be associated with your VigLink account.
Screen Shot of signup form
  1. You will receive an email confirmation with a confirmation link. The confirmation link is a random string, e.g.
Screen Shot of email from VigLink
  1. After clicking the confirmation link, you will be prompted to enter and confirm your password, as well as indicate agreement to VigLink’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (both linked).
    Screen Shot of VigLink account setup login page
  2. After you click the “Create Account” button, you will be asked to enter your contact information and acquiesce that you should disclose use of VigLink.
    Screen Shot of VigLink user contact info
  3. After this, you will able to create your first campaign. In VigLink parlance, a campaign represents the website, social media handle, forum, app, etc, that a publisher intends to use VigLink on. In this example, you are setting up a blog. You can select a category (which helps the performance of products like VigLink Insert, which we’ll cover shortly); a type (which helps with Insert and internal initiatives from Marketing, Network Quality, etc); and a platform (also helps with Insert and Support troubleshooting). Upon setting up this first campaign, you can check on or off VigLink Insert; you can always change this setting later. Publishers are encouraged to set up multiple campaigns to represent different websites, for example, or different parts of their business (e.g. a website; the website’s Facebook page; the website’s forum; etc). You can set up additional campaigns at anytime from the Publisher Dashboard.
    Screen Shot of "Configure your Campaign"
  1. After clicking “Complete Sign up,” you will be sent to the “Install VigLink” page – this is the first page that you are shown as part of their VigLink Publisher Dashboard. As described in the on-page instructions, publishers copy the JavaScript snippet and install it to the HTML template of their website before the closing </body> tag. The snippet contains a unique alphanumeric API key that identifies them in VigLink’s system so that they attribute clicks and revenue correctly. Also worth noting:
  • Publishers can also find guides on how to install on popular platforms like, for example, where VigLink offers a plugin for easy install. For more videos on specific installations for different platforms, visit the Customer Support.
  • After installing, you can paste the URL of their website and check to ensure VigLink is detectable on their page.
  • Once they are full setup, page views will start to track, but no clicks will affiliate (and subsequently no revenue will be earned) until their Network Quality Team reviews their campaign and approves it.
    Screen Shot of how to install VigLink
  1. After installation, you can explore the rest of the Publisher Dashboard, starting with the Dashboard tab. The Dashboard tab allows users to explore page views, CTR (click-through rate), gross sales, aff (affiliated) clicks, EPC (earnings per-click) and revenue in detail. Also worth noting:
  • The Dashboard updates view and click data once per day at 6:00 a.m. EST/9:00 a.m. PST. Revenue updates four times per day. The current day’s data will show up on the dashboard next-day – not on the day itself.
  • When data populates the dashboard, publishers can use the chart feature to easily, visually track performance over any timespan they like (it defaults to past 30 days).
    Screen Shot of VigLink Dashboard showing revenue by day
    Screen Shot of VigLink dashboard showing revenue by day
  1. Under the Manage tab drop-down, you can revisit the “Install VigLink” page they are sent to during the sign-up process (see above). You can also control the “Settings” of VigLink’s products:
  • VigLink Convert affiliates existing merchant links on publishers’ sites. (In this Convert example, Design Milk has an article titled “Finding modern style for your space on eBay” with links out to products their editorial staff curated. If a user hovers over the hyperlink, the regular merchant link will show since VigLink affiliates on the click in order to minimally impact user experience. Once the link is clicked, the link automatically affiliates through VigLink’s JavaScript.)
    Screen Shot of site using VigLink convert
  • VigLink Insert adds insert links for brand and merchant names that appear in the content on publishers’ sites (i.e. turning common merchant/product keywords or phrases to affiliate links, like “iPhone”).
    (In this Insert example, has an article called “Build Awesome Arms With This 15-Minute Workout” where the term “dumbbells” has been turned into an outbound affiliate link by VigLink Insert. If a user hovers over the link, “Link added by VigLink” shows to disclose the publisher is using our service. Much like Convert, once the link is clicked, the link automatically affiliates through VigLink’s JavaScript.)
    Screen Shot of site using VigLink insert

For Convert, VigLink allow publishers to “reaffiliate” or override affiliation on existing Amazon/eBay links if they want to run those links through VigLink instead (in order to bring that reporting into their VigLink dashboard – this is not on by default).

They also offer to link unlinked URLs in case there are in-text, unlinked merchant mentions that they can help them monetize. “Optimize Links” applies sophisticated technology that improves publishers’ links by weighing several factors to determine the best destination for their traffic based on conversion likelihood, EPC, etc.

The “Advanced” dropdown let’s publishers decide if the “Link URLs” feature should open in a new window or not.For Insert, they allow publishers to set the pixel density for how often a term receives an inserted link in their site’s content.

They are also able to disclose these links at will: a “Link added by VigLink” tag will appear if a user hovers over any of the terms Insert has hyperlinked (see: example above). Under “Advanced,” they can also choose to have Insert links open in a new window; they can also blacklist any terms they want from ever receiving an inserted link.

Screen Shot of VigLink Convert options
Screen Shot of VigLink Insert options

Lastly under the Manage tab, publishers can navigate to “Account” where they can update their personal information. From here, they can also create a new campaign; copy their referral link if they want to promote VigLink to their users; and read up on appropriate disclosure practices.

Screen Shot of VigLink user account page
  1. The next tab is the Anywhere tab, which allows publishers to create on-the-go VigLink-affiliated links for social media (as they are not able to install our JavaScript snippet to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc).
    Screen Shot of VigLink Anywhere
  2. Finally, the Merchants tab leads publishers to VigLink’s Merchant Explorer tool where they can discover which merchants are in VigLink’s network.
Screen Shot of Merchant Explorer

VigLink’s goal has always been to “transform your content into a thriving e-commerce business.” From the time of article ideation to creation and promotion, their software can be your secret weapon to success at all stages of the conversion funnel.

Whether that’s making you more conscious of trending products at the time of authoring or affiliating links you may have missed in a recently published post, they are here to be the champions in your corner providing tips and tools to maximize your earning potential.

Here’s a quick summary of a few ways you can use VigLink’s suite of affiliate products to create a successful passive income stream.

  • Take Advantage of All Tools At Your Disposal: Convert and Insert are specifically designed to maximize your profits. If you miss a potential sales opportunity by forgetting to hyperlink a branded product or merchant mention, the system can automatically insert an affiliate link for you.If you already have an affiliate link inserted, our intelligent software can check if there’s a higher converting merchant offering the identical product. If so, the system can automatically redirect that link to optimize your sales potential. Both these tools are easy to implement with the click of a button and completely free.
  • Earn on Anywhere: Don’t limit your affiliate links to your blog. Learn how to monetize your social media channels by wrapping any link with affiliate code through our one-click browser extension. There is no limit to the creative placements you can come up with on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.
  • Refer a Friend: VigLink is all about sharing the wealth. When you refer a fellow publisher to our network, you’ll earn 35% of their commission for the entire first year. That means you get a cut of everything they make simply by spreading the love. The best part? There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer so you can watch the money roll in.

VigLink is in partnership with Effinity & vCommission, and now is suitable for Bloggers from France & India too. vCommission have huge database of Indian affiliate program including Amazon India, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, Snapdeal, Paytm, PriceMinister (Rakuten).

I hope this VigLink review has helped you to find one more network that is useful for making money from your blog. If you have used this network before, please feel free to share your feedback and review in the comments section below.

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