List of weekend data plans on 9mobile, Airtel, Glo and MTN

by Johnson Daniel
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When it comes to having your leisure time, you think about weekends and what is it like staying home for the weekend without browsing or downloading your favourite file? Boring I guess.

You should know by now that when it comes to weekends, you can enjoy more data at a cheaper price, this is why it’s highly recommended not to go for the normal data available to you. For this reason, we will be looking at the complete list of weekend data plans available on all networks in Nigeria so that you can have an idea on which one you should go for, so without further ado, let’s get started.

9mobile weekend data plan(s)

The 1GB for N200 plan is popular amongst 9mobile subscribers. On a regular day, i.e. weekdays, it is a special data plan because not all SIM cards can subscribe to the data plan but during weekends, it becomes a weekend plan as all subscribers become eligible to subscribe to this plan. To subscribe to this plan, dial ∗929∗10#, the data is valid for 3 days (Friday – Sunday).

There are also two data bundles that you can enjoy from the 9mobile weekend data plan, 3GB for N1000, and 7GB for N2000. You can use any of the following lists of codes to activate your preferred weekend data plan on 9mobile.

  • Dial ∗229∗3∗12#to activate 3GB for N1000.
  • Dial ∗229∗3∗13#to activate 7GB for N2000 plus free 100MB data for WhatsApp.

They are both valid for 30 days. Asides from weekends, you can also enjoy these data plans during nighttime, so they act both as night & weekend bundles for you. As night plans, they can be of use from 7 PM – 6:59 AM. Dial *228# to check your data balance.

Airtel weekend data plan(s)

Airtel doesn’t have a dedicated weekend data plan as it was discontinued long ago but that doesn’t mean that there is no data plan on the network that isn’t suited for a weekend. With the Airtel Binge data, you can enjoy 1GB for N350 or 2GB for N500. How to activate?

  • 1GB for N350: Dial ∗141∗354# (Valid for 1 day).
  • 2GB for N500: Dial ∗141∗504# (Valid for 2 days).

You can take a look at the list of data plans on Airtel if you are not satisfied with this set of data plans.

Glo weekend data plan(s)

There are currently two-weekend data plans available on the Glo network. The first being the 3GB for N500 data plan and the other being a 1.25GB data plan worth N200.

  • 3GB for N500: Dial *777# then select Data Services » Buy Data » Night and Weekend plans » then select 2 for the weekend plan. You can dial *127*61# or SMS 61 to 127 to also purchase the data plan.
  • 1.25GB for N200: Dial  *777# > Data plan > Buy data plan > Night & Weekend > select 1.2GB for N200 1Day SUN and subscribe for the data plan.

List of weekend data plans on 9mobile, Airtel, Glo and MTN

The major difference between these data plans is their validity. The former has a validity period from 12 am on Saturday till 5 am on Monday while the latter has a validity period of a day and can only be used on Sundays. Dial∗127∗0# to check the data balance for any of these plans.

MTN weekend data plan(s)

MTN has a wide array of data plans ranging from daily to annually but unfortunately, there is no weekend data plan in their books. However, this doesn’t imply that there are no data plans available to fill up the shoes of being a weekend data plan.

  • 2GB for N500: Dial ∗131∗154# – Valid for 2 days.
  • 1GB for N350: Dial ∗131∗155# – Valid for 24 hours.

This list should go a long way for you when it comes to choosing a weekend plan. Which of these data plans do you think is the cheapest?

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