WhatsApp adds 3 new features: Hide online status, Leave group chats silently, Block screenshots

by Johnson Daniel

Over the past few weeks, WhatsApp has been working to add quite a several features to its messenger platform. Today, the popular social-messaging platform announced three new features coming to its app in the coming weeks. These features include:

1. Hide online status

You will have to agree with me that this feature is a highly needed feature for many users as we’ve gotten a glimpse to how this feature work with it being available for WhatsApp mod users for as long as we can remember. Let’s not forget that there is already a feature that lets you hide your “Last Seen” status on the app. You can activate this by going to Settings Account > Privacy Last Seen.

This new feature that lets you hide your online status, other users will no longer see the “Online” tagunder your name/ phone number in chats, even when you are online and using WhatsApp actively.

To activate this feature when its live, go to Settings Account > Privacy Last Seen. Here, you will find the newly added feature “Who Can See When I’m Online.”scrnli 8 9 2022 9 32 18 PM

2. Leave WhatsApp groups silently

When you leave a group, only the admins of the group would be notified. This is an important privacy feature for users.

3. Block screenshot

This feature will block users from capturing screenshots of disappearing photos and videos sent in conversations. The View Once photos are meant to be transient, and the company now understands that, which is a good thing.

The company has prioritized the above mentioned feature based on an independent privacy study, which concluded that nearly 47% are comfortable speaking in an honest, unfiltered manner in a safe and private space.


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