WhatsApp brings new shortcuts for group admins on iPhone

by Johnson Daniel

WhatsApp has released the latest 23.1.75 update to the Apple App Store. The update includes new shortcuts for group administrators. These shortcuts will allow WhatsApp Group admins to easily perform actions for a specific contact.

WhatsApp now displays a user’s phone number in events such as when a participant joins or leaves a group. With the new update, group administrators can also tap and hold a contact’s number to make calls on WhatsApp quickly. They can also communicate privately with the group members.

Other new shortcuts in the latest iOS version of WhatsApp include the ability to copy phone numbers and add group participants to the address book. According to WaBetaInfo, the shortcuts will be ‘useful in large groups where it can be difficult to find a specific contact among the many participants’. iPhone users are advised to update the app on their devices before using these shortcuts.

In addition, WhatsApp may soon allow users to share original-quality photos with other contacts. In addition, the messaging app intends to add a new setting icon within the drawing tool header. Users will be able to configure image quality, including their original quality, with the new icon. This will give them more control over the photo quality.

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