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WhatsApp has integrated its joinable calls feature that allows users to join ongoing group video/voice calls right from the chat window. You will now see a dedicated button beside the group chat icon to join the voice/video call in the group.WhatsApp Introduces new feature that allows users to join ongoing calls directly from group chats

“We are making it easier to connect spontaneously with your groups. Join ongoing calls with your groups anytime, effortlessly, and directly from the chat view with one click,” the Facebook-owned company said.

Once a group call is started, all members can either join in immediately or at their leisure. The latter will see a separate tab within the group chat with a Join button, they can tap it to get into the call. WhatsApp says that the call notification will say the name of the group instead of the participants’ names. It should be noted that only people who are part of the respective WhatsApp group can join an ongoing group call. WhatsApp says the calls will now also receive a lighter distinct ringtone to make it feel as “light as sending and receiving a message”.

WhatsApp has been adding new features to its messenger app since last week. It recently rolled out end-to-end encryption for backups stored on Google Drive and iCloud for Android and iOS users, respectively. The messaging platform is also reportedly upgrading its existing voice messages function with a global voice message player. The move would allow users to listen to voice messages when they look at recent chats. The update is said to be in development for beta testers at present. Separately, WhatsApp is reported to update its ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature that will give users the option to choose between 24 hours, seven days, and 90 days after which the messages will disappear.

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