WhatsApp introduces new Safety Features: Flash Calls and Message Level Reporting

by Johnson Daniel
WhatsApp promises to ban

WhatsApp has been trying out new features to help improve user experience and now, the social-messaging platform has introduced two new safety features, Flash Calls and Message Level Reporting to allow people better security and control over their usage of the popular messaging app.

Flash Calls

Flash Calls enables Android users who are installing or re-installing WhatsApp on their devices to verify their phone number with an automated call instead of an SMS. It seems safer and allows for an easy verification process.

Message Level Reporting

This feature allows users to report a particular message received on WhatsApp. For this, they can simply long-press the message they want to flag and then choose to report it or block the user.

These new features come in addition to a plethora of safety and privacy-focused features WhatsApp has. This includes the ability to let users hide their profile picture, last seen, and more from certain people, the ability to block someone who might prove bothersome, and two-step verification (2FA).

There’s also the feature that prohibits unknown people from adding users to WhatsApp Groups, along with the ability to lock the app and open it with fingerprint scanning (both Android and iOS) and facial recognition (iOS). In addition, WhatsApp allows users to send disappearing messages and view a text or media message once, for further privacy and security.

Besides this, the messaging platform has also introduced features that restrict the spread of fake news on the app, in turn, ensuring the safety of the users.

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