The developers of WhatsApp are working on a new feature that would allow you to move your chat history from Android to iOS devices, vice versa. That was revealed by the source code found of WhatsApp 22.2.74 beta for iOS.

The process involved in carrying out this migration won’t be straightforward as it requires both devices to have the app installed and the process of migration will likely work using a cable or a private Wi-Fi connection. In comparison, other messaging apps store and sync user data using Google Drive, iCloud or their cloud service.WhatsApp to allow you move chat history between Android and iOS

As of now, the only official way to sync your WhatsApp data between an iOS and Android phone is to own a Samsung-made device. The migration works one way – from an iPhone to a Samsung via cable and using Samsung’s SmartSwitch app.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available right now, further details will be available when the feature is enabled in a future update.


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