WhatsApp to introduce multiple-device feature

by Johnson Daniel

WhatsApp users have been anticipating the addition of the multi-device feature on the messenger to allow users to use their WhatsApp account on four different devices simultaneously. There appears to be good news as there is a work-in-progress towards achieving this feat in the nearest future.

The multiple device feature will enable you to log in to your account on as many devices simultaneously without having to worry about getting logged out from one device.WhatsApp to introduce multiple-device feature

Some features on multiple device options are still not ready, as the updates will happen gradually. Still, the most important ones are, for example, the possibility of synching the chat history, muting chats to avoid disturbance, starring important text, and stable connection while on the video call, etc.

The next plan is to roll it outright on beta users using android and other devices. Multiple device features will automatically sync on your primary device; therefore, any other devices attached to it will automatically derive the same character as the primary device.

Finally, WhatsApp plans a new organized modern UL for the desktop users to display how the chat history is and that the process is end-to-end encryption.

According to the report, WhatsApp is in its final stage of “multi-device feature,” and it would roll out for beta testers in the future. Make sure you are part of the beta testers to be able to partake in the joy of this fantastic feature.

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