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What might be a good feature for many users is finally coming to WhatsApp as reports have revealed that WhatsApp is currently working on an auto-mute feature for large group chats.

WhatsApp is aware that large groups can cause non-stop disturbance for you all day and since WhatsApp groups can now accommodate as many as 1,024 participants, introducing this feature will go a long way for so many users.

While WhatsApp allows you to mute individual or group chats for up to 8 hours, 1 week, or forever, the most recent update automatically mutes groups with more than 256 members. Even if you are unable to mute large group chats, WhatsApp ensures that you are not bothered by a flood of messages. This feature is currently available only to beta users, with a wider rollout expected soon.

In addition to this new feature, WhatsApp is also rolling out the self-chat feature to beta users. By creating a single-person chat window, you can now chat with yourself. Those who have received the feature can use it by going to the contacts page and looking for a contact that says “Me” with the words “Message Yourself” below it.

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