Will the iOS 16 update be available for your iPhone? List of iPhones that are compatible

by Johnson Daniel
scrnli 6 9 2022 11 09 33 PM

It is no news that the iOS 16 has been unveiled by Apple at the WWDC22 as “the big update” ushering in a plethora of new features. Of course, with new offerings, you can expect some disappointment here and there. For this update, the disappointment affects users running on older iPhones.

The latest iOS 16 is going to support only iPhone 8 and above meaning iPhone 7 or older iPhone series will not support the new mobile operating system. Let’s take a quick look at the list of iPhones compatible with the iOS 16 update.

List of iPhones that are compatible with the iOS 16 update

Here’s a complete list of iPhones that will support iOS 16 as per the official reports from Apple:

The reason why devices from iPhone 7 Plus downwards won’t get the update is that older chips powering these models can’t handle the new features.

So, this is the list of iPhone models that are compatible with the iOS 16 upgrade. The final version of iOS 16 is expected to be released by Apple in September of this year.

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